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Presentazione Sei lezioni di economia

Presentazione delle Sei lezioni di economia presso il Circolo Dossetti di Milano (tanto per distrarsi coi vecchi problemi). In basso nella pagina è possibile individuare i diversi spezzoni. Il libro tira ancora tanto in libreria a due anni e mezzo dall'uscita (come prodotto di nicchia, per intenderci) 

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On the origins of Sraffa’s equations

Giancarlo de Vivo suggests that the Sraffian equations come from Marx's schemes of reproduction, and that the inspiration was in a footnote from the editor, Karl Kautsky, in the Theories of Suplus Value. Here a letter from Maurice Dobb and Piero Sraffa to Kautsky, from 1929, asking to use his edition as the basis for an English translation (originals in Kautsky's archives):De Vivo's views are discussed in a book edited by Massimo Pivetti, which is certainly worth reading (I have the Spanish...

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A delightful read

 Recensione su Brave New Europe Grazie Mat! Heterodox Challenges in Economics by Sergio Cesaratto February 24, 2021  Book Review by Mathew D. Rose I never thought that I would describe an economics book as “a delightful read”, but “Heterodox Challenges in Economics” by Sergio Cesaratto is exactly that. It is well written, often entertaining and humorous, and explains a great deal about political economy, which is then applied in an analysis of the...

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60 Years of Sraffa’s Production of Commodities by Means of Commodities/ROKE Webinar

Tomorrow we will talk about this book that is the Rosetta Stone of the history of economic ideas (read post 6 below for more on that). I'm happy to have a great panel to discuss it. In the meantime below 7 previous posts on Sraffa's contributions to economics, which might be helpful for some.Sraffa and the Marshallian System Sraffa, Marx and the Labor Theory of Value (LTV) Sraffa, Ricardo and Marx The Standard Commodity and the LTV The Capital Debates Microfoundations of Macroeconomics...

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