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Will China invade Taiwan, and what (if anything) can the United States do about it?

Last week I wrote a long thread about whether and why China would invade Taiwan: Will China invade Taiwan? Did Biden’s remarks today make war more or less likely? I’ve been reading up on this a lot lately. Here’s a summary of the best things I read, and what could lead to a war. Mostly I’m reassured. But not entirely. A 🧵, obviously. — Chris Blattman (@cblatts) May 23, 2022 I’ll write up what the analysts and the theory say as a longer post this summer....

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Taiwan Harpoon Budget

Taiwan says new Harpoon missiles will help it crush half of Chinese invasion fleet Taiwan says US$2.37 billion worth of Harpoon missiles would enable it to obliterate half of Chinese invasion armada “TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Taiwan’s military on Oct. 27 [2020] stated that the potential sale of US$2.37 billion worth of Harpoon anti-ship missiles will within five years help enable its defenders to wipe out “half of any” People’s Liberation Army...

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Asia Times — Two missiles could blow up Three Gorges: strategist

How strategists think. Taiwan should buy 1,000 missiles to seal off China's central and southeastern provinces in the event of war, said the scholar. Why 1000 when two supposedly would do the job. Swarm tactics. Also good for business. Asia TimesTwo missiles could blow up Three Gorges: strategistCounterpoint. Signs of growing universalism in Europe, although  a lot of "nationalists" won't be happy even though she is first generation Belgian, born in Antwerp of a Chinese father and...

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