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Neocons declare War on… Trump!

Details here. People on the left: take careful note of this. Many neoconservatives may even desert the GOP for Hillary Clinton.Trump also caused hysterical outrage by the mere suggestion that maybe – just maybe – when running for US president he should display “neutrality” on the issue of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And now the Emergency Committee for Israel (ECI) – an organisation of neoconservatives and US evangelical Christians who think their ticket to heaven depends on Israel...

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Another Reason Why Trump is Popular

Just listen to his rhetoric in the video below.[embedded content]In other words, Trump poses as a billionaire white knight who is now a kind of class traitor: nobody can buy him because he is too rich! But all the other guys are bought and sold by corporate America.Trump is a Republican Bernie Sanders, and both are vehement anti-establishment candidates who claim they can’t be bought.

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How is this Man a Popular Republican US Presidential Candidate?

We all know that Donald Trump has said some extreme and hateful things, but here he is in the videos below condemning the 2003 invasion of Iraq (in the first), and also admitting that he was once a supporter of a single payer health care system in the US. It is unclear exactly what his current health care proposal is, but it would seem that he wants (1) universal access and (2) to provide a heavy dose of government funding for anyone who cannot afford private health care.These things are...

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