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Markets pricing in 4 rate cuts now THIS YEAR!

Gotta love those crazy monetarists. They're nothing but a source of laughs. Trade and invest using the concepts of MMT. Get a 30-day free trial to MMT Trader. Mike Norman Twitter Mike Norman Economics: Understanding the Daily Treasury Statement video course.

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The Greek Saga – S.Mavroudeas NYU 24/3/2023

The Greek Saga: Competing Explanations of the Greek Crisis A Lecture by Professor Stavros Mavroudeas Friday, March 24, 10:00-11:15 am EST This is the third speaker event of a three-part series on Political Economy. Professor Mavroudeas, is a renowned economist in the field of Political Economy. Despite the fact that the Greek economic crisis happened more than ten years ago, it is as relevant today as it was then because it shows that market economies are prone to breakdowns. Why did it...

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Peter Na

Even if they go to the Fed to borrow reserves at par of their USTs they don’t have the capital to support the increase in reserve assets they borrow from the Fed…iow if they are sitting there in compliance with SLR of 0.10 …. A-L=C…. Use the SVB reported numbers….  200-180=20… (A-L)/A = 0.10 ….. ok everything is fine.. somebody comes in and tries to withdraw 20… they don’t have any reserves as RRR is 0%…   they pledge UST assets at par to borrow 20 reserves from Fed… now 220-200=20 … (A-L)/A...

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