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Steve & Friends with Richard Murphy. Livestream #24

Richard Murphy is a chartered accountant and a political economist. He is Professor of Accounting at Sheffield University Management School, director of Tax Research LLP, director of the Corporate Accountability Network, a co-founder and continuing activist for the Green New Deal and is a columnist for The National newspaper in Scotland. The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has named Richard as the top online UK influencer in accountancy in 2022, as it also did in...

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Leftists are not “anti-market” — Peter Radford

So [in conclusion], let me summarize: leftists are not anti-market.  They recognize that what is called a market by economists is a rigorously simplified idealization.  And that like all idealizations a lot is left out in order to render the idealization coherent.  It’s what’s left out, not what’s left in, that leftists object to.  And that is not trivial. Coase says so too.Methodological individualism versus institutionalism. MMT is institutional and rejects the assumption of methodological...

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What Can The World Expect From China’s Recovery?

[unable to retrieve full-text content]1.(BOAO FORUM) For starters, this year’s Boao Forum undoubtedly brings great opportunities for exchanges between Chinese and foreign business people who may not have been able to meet since the outbreak of the pandemic. So what can we expect from such a good opportunity? And how do you think the Boao Forum could help or Continue Reading The post What Can The World Expect From China’s Recovery? first appeared on Michael Hudson.

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A mixed picture on real personal income, savings, and spending in March, and real total sales in February

A mixed picture on real personal income, savings, and spending in March, and real total sales in February  – by New Deal democrat As I’ve indicated a number of times recently, right now I consider the report on personal income and spending co-equal to the employment report as the most important monthly data. For March, it was a mixed bag. Nominally, personal income rose 0.3%, and personal spending was unchanged. Because the applicable...

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Weakening federal child labor laws

April 28, 2023, Letters from an American, Prof. Heather Cox Richardson According to the nonpartisan Economic Policy Institute (EPI), legislatures in at least ten states have set out to weaken federal child labor laws. In the first three months of 2023, legislators in Iowa, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio, and South Dakota introduced bills to weaken the regulations that protect children in the workplace, and in March, Arkansas governor Sarah...

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Healthcare Utilization, Costs, and Pricing Drivers – 2017 and 2021

Health Care Cost and Utilization Report,, April 2023 Year-over-year and 5-year cumulative trends in health care spending for individuals with employer-sponsored insurance. A detailed report by the Health Care Cost Institute covering the period 2017 – 2021 which includes the Covid pandemic. Decreases i total costs were seen during the pandemic. Still in the end, you will see pricing being the biggest factor in healthcare...

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