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$90 bln drain yesterday. I don’t like it.

Trains continue. Market way overextended. 

Mike Norman considers the following as important:

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Lord Keynes writes Radhika Desai on the Labour Theory of Value: A Refutation

Lord Keynes writes Per Bylund versus Carl Menger on Taxes driving the Value of Money

Matias Vernengo writes Development Finance, External Constraints and Effective Demand in Maria da Conceição Tavares’ Thought

Editor writes Hudson on Super Imperialism 1

Trains continue. Market way overextended. 
Mike Norman
Mike Norman is an economist and veteran trader whose career has spanned over 30 years on Wall Street. He is a former member and trader on the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and NYFE and he managed money for one of the largest hedge funds and ran a prop trading desk for Credit Suisse.


  1. butcorn is leading the way down
    The party is over

  2. @kylejohnson4083

    The government is deficit spending $1.0 tln every ~100 days! The fiscal overload will continue to prime this market and if you're out you're gonna get smashed in the face with ever increasing inflation. Holding USD is monitory suicide because the erosion of the USD will continue with the coordinated efforts of the fed and the treasury – holding assets is a must in this stagflationary environment. Mike is right … the government can print as much liquidity as necessary to support its needs and the recent strong treasury auctions proves his point. MMT to the moon baby … this is only the beginning …

  3. @eatlaughandstupid4430

    been loading up on PFE and MCD

  4. No mor Raging Bull 😅

  5. Hello Mike, on the 3-courses bundle on your website, didn't you mention running a sale for $195 ?

  6. nice haircut 🙂

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