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Forget economics, Ukraine just hit Defcon 4.

Russia's annexation of territories and Ukraine's accession to NATO ensure WW3 and potential nuclear annihilation. All else is moot. Trade and invest using the concepts of MMT. Get a 30-day free trial to MMT Trader. Mike Norman Twitter Mike Norman Economics:

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Russia's annexation of territories and Ukraine's accession to NATO ensure WW3 and potential nuclear annihilation. All else is moot.

Trade and invest using the concepts of MMT. Get a 30-day free trial to MMT Trader.

Mike Norman Twitter

Mike Norman Economics:
Mike Norman
Mike Norman is an economist and veteran trader whose career has spanned over 30 years on Wall Street. He is a former member and trader on the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and NYFE and he managed money for one of the largest hedge funds and ran a prop trading desk for Credit Suisse.


  1. I agree with everything said. We could have had a peace deal in 2014, after Ukraine's bombing of Donbas failed to drive the ethnic Russian civilians into Russia. Basically the same peace deal as a month ago. Similarly, we could have reopened Nordstream 2 weeks ago. (4 pipes, 4 explosions). I think US NeoCons are looking at WW3 as if it could be WW2, which brought it to power. It has an overwhelming military advantage. Best to strike before China takes the economic lead, and protect unipolar hegemony: Project for a New American Century. On a brighter note, most of the fighting for the past 8 years, and even since Russia invaded, has been by the Donbas militias. Russia has mobilised now because they didn't send enough Russian troops to Ukraine to match NATO buildup since the invasion. Also, any warnings about nukes I've heard from Russia seem to be referencing MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction), which back in the day, everyone understood. Still positive, it will now become difficult for NATO to bomb Donbas without MAD, and if Ukraine is officially NATO, it will be difficult for Russia to bomb any other part of Ukraine without MAD. A nuclear standoff is a kind of peace, if a standoff is possible. After the past 9 years of violence, none of the areas that have voted out of Ukraine could ever imaginably go back. It could reach a natural and relatively just conclusion. Then we can focus on provoking a proxy war with China😇

  2. Latest poll in Germany shows 70% of Germans support Ukraine in getting back their territory. Polls in other European countries show similar numbers. We are willing to pay higher energy prices than to help a dictator remain in power. Putin is a dictator who's been in power for more than 20 years, who assassinated or jailed opposition leaders, and also committed war crimes in Ukraine, Georgia and Chechnya. There are better people in Russia who should run the country.

  3. Pat yourselves on the back democrats.

  4. It's more likely that Putin damaged the pipe line. He gets to play the victim card, he deny it, people believe him. Why would anyone in the West want to put methane into the atmosphere. Russian ships were in the area, according to a google search.

  5. The US has never wanted a negotiated settlement in Ukraine, quite the opposite obviously.

  6. This is what happens when you steal an election and have weak leadership! God help us.

  7. Seeing things much clearer with the new glasses,eh.

    It's the end of the world,as we know it…………….

  8. Why’d you vote for Biden? Now you’re worried about nuclear bombs and world war 3? I thought you were supposed to be smart. If you didn’t want a crashing stock market and the world going to hell you shouldn’t have supported a corrupt demented potato head.

  9. End of the month, the quarter, the world.

  10. They [Putin] officially annexed territories they will not have control of in the near futur.

    Please provide proof about the Deal!

    Mike. You are advancing a lot of theories- no proof, no reputable sources. It’s conjecture!

  11. Mike does a good job explaining geopolitical events.

  12. garyseeseverything

    I come here for the entertainment and pit bull Mike delivers! I love traveling, the hiking, the climbing and news that isn’t always economics. Sadly this is just horrendous news.

  13. 💛👁💛👁

  14. Reverse Repo Facility is draining liquidity out of the system.

  15. Trump has offered the be the 'deal maker' in Peace in Ukraine.

  16. Too much emotions from Mike Norman…
    Take a rest and prepare for a war, you will be able to sleep better..

  17. This guy has been wrong about everything. Listen to him and expect the opposite.

  18. …and if Ukraine defeats Russia and there is no tactical nuke by Russia – this is the most likely option at the moment.

  19. been nice knowing everybody that is pre glowing before the nukes go off////////////////////////////////////////

  20. what artificial lending standard are you talking about?

    • Mike Norman MMT Economics

      To all: leave the presence of a fool (Rez), for here you do not find knowledge.

    • @Mike Norman MMT Economics which is better: no knowledge, or the incorrect knowledge that there was no problem with lending standards leading up to the housing bubble? I’d rather be clueless than wrong

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