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So much misinformation and ignorance to exploit.

It’s to the point of being humorous, how people ignore reality to make things fit their narrative. 

Mike Norman considers the following as important:

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It’s to the point of being humorous, how people ignore reality to make things fit their narrative. 
Mike Norman
Mike Norman is an economist and veteran trader whose career has spanned over 30 years on Wall Street. He is a former member and trader on the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and NYFE and he managed money for one of the largest hedge funds and ran a prop trading desk for Credit Suisse.


  1. Thanks man! You nailed it!!!

  2. Its all seasonal. January effect after December tax loss harvesting. Go away in May….

  3. You rock Mike! Hands down, you are the best! Proud to be a member of your MMT team! Have a great weekend!

  4. As always, looking forward to Monday mornings MMT Report!

  5. If anyone out there is on the fence whether or not to join MMT Trader, take it from me, no one out there has a better handle on the markets than Mike! I know after a few years of being on Mike's team as well as losing a ton of money betting against him prior to joining. Peace

  6. Great work as always Mike!

  7. this govco shutdown maybe justified cuz theres this vid gone viral of this transista sista i understand to be a US citizen snarlin @ OFFING US CITIZENS that dont support the ukraine cause and jack psobic is 1 of he/ she/ it/ they, them on that sht list? i prefer FREAK, anyway "sleeper cells" apparently in the US cuz of that border ready to rock and pretend to be whatever fits BLM, MAGA or whatever…. aside from that vid the rest is speculation but not without possible merit.

  8. 5:22 "… the gov. sending checks…"
    Sounds good, but where is the gov. 'getting' the money from (to do this) 😮 ?
    a) keeps on borrowing at a higher rate ?
    b) 'printing' it ?
    c) raise taxes ?
    d) something else ?
    e) all of the above ?
    Pick your 'poison', Mike .

    • The government gets money from the same place that it gets bonds. A dollar is essentially a zero-interest, perpetual government bond. Where does the government get bonds from?

    • Government issues bonds and will be paying interest for this, then 'receives' $ with a 'zero coupon'.

  9. Long Live Ukraine.

  10. Gov. spending is great (no doubt about it) 😂
    But where is the money for that coming from 😂
    Answer: 'the same place they went to '
    Conclusion: 'The swimming pool' is filled/drained constantly and the net result should be ZERO 😂😢😅

    • You should really educate yourself on finance and then try to understand some of the concept he’s talking about. That might help clear out some of your confusion. Try to learn first, before trying to argue. In the context of the economy, $1 in and $1 out doesn’t equal to zero. $1 increase in government spending will lead to an increase in aggregate demand and national​ income, which will lead to an increase in induced spending that’s far greater than $1.

    • ​@mohamedmussa7627
      Your math would be correct only if the government doesn't have budget deficits (current one is 8%) and the need to service a huge 'national diet'. Because of those two it has to borrow a lot ( keep the economy going) and that is a DRAIN of the 'swimming pool'

    • You’re thinking of the government as an individual. Budget is an accounting concept here and it doesn’t have to borrow anything to keep the lights on, it could have unlimited spending with consumption being the only constraint, you as a household can’t do the same. The deficit is an incremental boost to the outflows, which in the long run would increase the inflows vis tax collected. Keeping budget is balanced to perfection, growth would be flat and if you had budget surplus it would reduce the injection to the economy which would lead to decreased growth and lower levels to “drain”.

    • @Mo Mussa
      It's an illusion that the government has unlimited borrowing power , it's just much bigger than the any other. Debt will becomes a problem one day and then something breaks …

    • @Mo Mussa
      … in other words, the 'swimming pool' has a whole that gets bigger and bigger. One day it's gonna get so big and nothing could stop it from draining the whole thing.

  11. You are buying all Gov. bonds/bills they issue (to keep the gov. afloat) ?!?!😅
    To keep the 'swimming pool ' full 😂

  12. You’re awesome, Mike!

  13. Mike, I love how you simplify and cut through all the BS and keep things simple…have a great weekend.

  14. If I get any of these courses, is it a one time use, will i have to pay to take the courses again? or will the courses be available as a resource?

  15. Shutdowns aside, I expect the stock rally will begin well before the years end, but regardless 2024 will be one of the biggest bull markets in history, real estate prices will shock everyone to the upside, BTC also. More non MMT pundits are at least starting to realise monetary policy is a weak tool with mixed effects.

  16. Haha had me laughing out loud about the September comments… they don't know why it happens!!? You're right Mike… let's keep it that way. Thanks! Been making some good money recently.

  17. Just bought Mike's course on interpreting the Daily Treasury Statement. Wanted to give an honest review, so far, to his followers. If you believe in the efficacy of applied MMT, ya gotta get this course. I'm a reasonably smart guy and I've tried previously to reason it out on my own, and to a certain extent, you can make logical and probably mostly correct interpretations. But here's the problem: Firstly, you can't confirm if your assumptions are correct, and secondly, the DTS is not excessively intuitive and can be very misleading. I'm only 3 hrs into it, but just being able to confirm the proper way of determining net spending was worth it alone. And as usual, Mike explains things thoroughly and with plenty of examples. His patience and sheer willingness to share his knowledge makes him an outstanding teacher, imo. And honestly, there is nowhere else I know of to find this info- I've tried;)

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