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Something unexpected popped up on the Daily Treasury Statement.

Has the scenario changed? Here’s what I think. 

Mike Norman considers the following as important:

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Has the scenario changed? Here’s what I think. 
Mike Norman
Mike Norman is an economist and veteran trader whose career has spanned over 30 years on Wall Street. He is a former member and trader on the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and NYFE and he managed money for one of the largest hedge funds and ran a prop trading desk for Credit Suisse.


  1. Crude Held little dip but came back

  2. Boxing is truly an art and a science!
    In the old days, boxers absolutely didn’t used weights just calisthenics.
    They emphasized natural movements due to fear of muscle bounds.

  3. you are a machine mIke !!

  4. Eat,Laugh,andStupid

    Mike, with anti hydro carbon positions world wide, I do not think inflation is coming down for years. Gas is in everything.

  5. Big Thank You Sir

    Respect from Singapore.

  6. Home Youtube Channel

    Excellent emails and report

  7. Thanks for the insights, Mike.

  8. The FFB is part of Treasury and by act of Congress in 1973 is able to make loans – in this case to the FDIC which in turn lent JPM the $50bln needed to buy Republic. This is how I understand it. Is it riskless? It's a real payment by Treasury to the FDIC to make this deal with JPM at treasury level rates. If the assumption is the FDIC will always be bailed out then it's the same as a T-bond and so riskless as treasuries are defined. Some links if care to go down the rabbit hole, Page 44 sheds some light, the accompanying exhibits are redacted, not sure why:

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  10. Yo Mike, this may not be your cup of tea, but there's a great anime/manga called Hajime no Ippo its a Japanese boxing-themed series written and illustrated by George Morikawa. He absolutely loves boxing, and did the details of the boxing world justice. Recommend to anyone that likes character building stories, and boxing in general.

  11. 12-18 months from the peak in rates. That's when the liquidation of Mal investments from manipulated low rates go bankrupt. Rates are a market signal and are only distorted by Fiat printing in short periods. The hangover caused cannot be avoided.

  12. I missed the past few episodes. Did Mike talk about the deferred California (and a couple other states) IRS taxes? These are due October 15th. I understand there are some major taxes coming due from California mega firms like Google, Meta, etc. We also have the upcoming budget and the push by certain Congress members to shut down the government. I suspect it won't be until end of October that we are out of the woods filled with bears.

  13. Finance & Economics

    Boxing is a great exercise.

  14. Thank you for the heads up, Mike. Very interesting. Learn so much from you.
    “Federal Financing Bank”

  15. I like boxing but avoid blows to the head. Very bad.

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