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COVID 19-related debt relief: a consortium proposal to the SDR basket countries

By T. Sabri Öncü & Ahmet ÖncüIn Memory of David Graeber (1961–2020)This article first appeared in the Indian journal, Economic and Political Weekly, on 21 November, 2020On 30 March 2020, the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) called for a $2.5 trillion COVID-19 crisis package for developing countries.[1] The UNCTAD...

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Universal Basic Services – we’re looking to engage a part-time Project Officer

PRIME is pleased to be working with colleagues on a new project to promote the concept of and need for Universal Basic Services. We are now seeking to engage a part-time Project Officer to help the Task Force launch the project. Details of the project and role below, and also set out in this pdf.PROJECT OFFICER: UNIVERSAL BASIC SERVICES (UBS) Summary We are seeking to engage the services of an energetic and creative person to help build support for Universal Basic...

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UK GDP – the Q2 close-down, and the distorting effect of ‘imputed rental’

On Wednesday (30 September) the Office for National Statistics published its second estimate of GDP for the second quarter of 2020, April to June.  The very marginally positive news is that the fall, between Q1 and Q2, was reduced from 20.4% to 19.8%.  Since this was still the largest recorded quarterly fall since records commence in 1955, this is...

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How to transfer power away from markets and to democratically elected governments.

This article was written in July, 2020 for Project Syndicate where it was finally published on 1st October, 2020. The global economy suffers from dangerous imbalances.  Economic goals for endless ‘growth’ lead to rises in heat-trapping gases that conflict with the earth’s limited capacity to manage rising toxic emissions.  Urbanisation, pollution, soil erosion, deforestation, depletion of wildlife, degradation of marine ecosystems – these and other economic activities disturb...

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On the Green New Deal – for The Chartist magazine

Nigel Doggett and Mike Davis of The Chartist magazine spoke to Ann Pettifor about why a Green New Deal is central to our recoveryPublished 20 September, 2020. How do you see the GND playing out against the Covid crisis?There are two roads to travel. One is the progressive one in which our leaders wake up to the scale of the climate threat and decide they are going to prepare. There are signs of that happening: little things like the French deciding to abolish burners in...

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Radically Transforming the EU Economy – and how to finance it

September 4, 2020The following article appeared on Progressive Post, the website of the Foundation of Progressive European Studies (FEPS)Today’s capitalism cannot tackle climate breakdown and cannot prevent the loss of biodiversity. It considers work as a cost to be minimised, to the detriment of the economy and the social meaning of work.High rates of return on capital (interest) require ever-rising extraction of the earth’s finite assets and the felling of its biodiverse...

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