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What the Future Holds

It was a warm October evening, back in 1957, when we heard the news and began looking anew toward the night skies. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) had just launched a satellite that they called Sputnik into orbit; an event that changed the world forever. A whole new concept; actually, a couple, maybe more, new ones. Thenceforth everyone knew what a satellite was; well, most everyone. Took us awhile longer though to wrap our heads...

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Imagine four or more Sears and Roebuck catalog — and much, much more — type web pages; one of which belongs to the USPS, Amazon gets to keep one, if they can show copyright. Let’s call these Web Pages Amazon, Nile, Mississippi, and Danube, with Mississippi being assigned to the USPS. Each of these Four or More Rivers of commerce would have large numbers of manufacturers/producers as paid subscribers; we are, after all, now in the post retail, post...

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An Investment in the Future It is said that Eisenhower brought home the Autobahn; that he foresaw the need for airports. Let us say that President Eisenhower, seeing these needs for infrastructure, brought America into the 20th Century, and say, “Thanks, Ike.” Through the years, the interstate gave everyone access to work, to recreation, to their Doctor, to the shopping mall, … ; Today, for these same reasons and more, every household should have...

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8 PM EST, Angry Bear may be down for Hardware Update

Hey Gentlemen,Wanted to give you a heads up that we are upgrading our server hardware to increase performance on our websites tomorrow night (Friday, 3/26) at 7pm CST.This maintenance will likely result in an extended outage while the hardware is upgraded, which could last up to 2 hours. We are scheduling the upgrade at 7pm CST to minimize impact as much as possible.Thank you for your patience and have a wonderful weekend! Just a heads up....

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Duplicitous Bastards

These are they who insist on their right to easily buy guns, to own as many guns as they wish. They who insist that mass shootings should be dealt with by prosecution. They who vehemently oppose any addressment of the question of who should be permitted to own guns. They who would only treat the symptoms of gun violence; who dare not look to science for the causes. They who think their Second Amendment rights are more important than the lives of mass...

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Ahem, Loyola – Chicago Won Over Illinois?

Loyola – Chicago emerged with a convincing 71-58 victory over top-seeded Illinois. This was no “fluky” aberration either as the eighth-seeded Ramblers never trailed and led by six or more for the game’s final 26-plus minutes. I think Sister Jean must have a direct line to God. Tags: NCAA March Madness ...

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