Thursday , January 23 2020
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Yesterday I did an interview about the Queensland government’s plans for an infrastructure fund, to which coal companies have been invite to contribute in return for a promise not to increase royalties. I’d prepared on the assumption that the announcement would be about royalties, so I had to do it all on the fly. I thought I’d done OK, and substantively I had, but when I read my comments reported on the ABC, I realised I’d put an “obviously” or “clearly” in just about every...

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The average (median) worker does not earn the (arithmetic) average wage

Eryk Bagshaw, recently[1] appointed economics correspondent for Fairfax, is certainly aware of that. In fact, mentions it right near the end of this scare story about the effects of Labor’s rejection of the second-stage of the Morrison government’s legislated tax cuts. But that didn’t stop the Fairfax subeditor running his article under the headline “Average full-time workers to be $1000 a year worse off under Labor” To spell it out, the trick here is that Bagshaw is looking at...

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Why headlines are always wrong*

I’ve complained in the past about the fact that writers in newspapers and magazines generally don’t get to choose their headlines. I’ve read that this is a hangover from the days of hot metal typesetting, when the headline had to be chosen to fit the layout of the paper, determined at the last minute by the sub-editors. Whatever the case, the tradition has endured. I’ve rarely been happy with the headlines chosen for me, but most of the time they are not bad enough for me to...

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I have joined Real Vision

I haven't made a public statement yet, nor has Real Vision for that matter. But, for the last few weeks I have been working at Real Vision, the online financial media company led by Raoul Pal. Perhaps I will make it public in the coming few weeks. But I wanted to tell you what I am getting out of working with Raoul.How I think of Real VisionI actually don't remember exactly how I heard about Raoul. But soon after I had, I got him on the TV show "Boom Bust" that I used to...

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RT — Russian media covered the Yellow Vest protests; now France is investigating Russian ‘interference’

It's becoming clearer that "Russian interference" means RT and Sputnik journalism rather than hacking and "dirty tricks." Russian state-sponsored media are covering news that the Western news media is either blacking out completely, suppressing, or spinning according to the controlling narrative.RTRussian media covered the Yellow Vest protests; now France is investigating Russian ‘interference’See alsoRTWikiLeaks skewers Guardian writer for zany theory that RT is, wait for it... reporting...

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