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Absolutely idiotic hit piece on MMT by 3 clowns at the Richmond Fed.

This is one of the worst hit pieces I have ever run across. Loaded with ridiculous strawman arguments, making claims MMT never made. A display of sheer ignorance and dogma. The authors clearly never read any of the MMT academic papers or literature. This should be a total embarrassment for the Richmond Fed or an indictment of how wedded they are to a deeply ignorant and inapplicable dogma.Starts off with this ridiculous statementDuring the past 25 years, low interest rates and highly...

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Academic Agent versus “Adam Friended” on Price Inflation and MMT

Academic Agent has got into another row on MMT, but this time with someone called “Adam Friended.”In brief, “Adam Friended” responded to Academic Agent in the following video on the issue of MMT and price inflation:[embedded content]Academic Agent then produced this response on MMT here:[embedded content]Academic Agent is correct that Covid welfare payments and furlough schemes were not the fundamental drivers of inflation in some goods. It is also true that the Western world is far from...

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The IMF as Deficit Owl? What’s Wrong with This Argument?

It seems the IMF aviary has turned on the hawks and embraced the deficit owls. Has the IMF joined the policy shift to MMT? Yes, in part, but it appears to be a viral form of MMT: according to Vitor Gaspar, the IMF’s head of fiscal policy, “Nations’ first priority should be vaccination, while the reduction of public debt is now far down the list of urgent actions… the main role of fiscal policy in the immediate future should be to be stimulative, to help restore economic growth, reduce...

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Tom Palley on What’s wrong with Modern Money Theory

In the new issue of the Review of Keynesian Economics. From the abstract:The essential claim of Modern Money Theory (MMT) is sovereign currency issuing governments, with flexible exchange rates and without foreign currency debt, are financially unconstrained. This paper analyses the macroeconomic arguments behind that claim and shows they are suspect. MMT underestimates the economic costs and exaggerates the capabilities of deficit-financed fiscal policy. Those analytic shortcomings render...

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