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Homelessness among racialized persons

Chapter 7 of my open access textbook has just been released. This chapter focuses on homelessness experienced by racialized persons. A ‘top 10’ summary of the chapter can be found here (in English): A ‘top 10’ summary of the chapter in French can be found here: The full chapter can be found here (English...

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Save the date: London (UK) in May 2024

I’m pleased to share a ‘save the date’ for study tour: London (UK) in May 2024. Here’s the link: For this particular event, there will be two components: a housing tour for 2.5 days, and then a homelessness tour for 2.5 days. We expect some people will choose to register for both, while others will pick just one. The registration fee for each component is expected to be CA$900 + applicable taxes....

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Homelessness in New York City

I recently helped organize a homelessness study tour of New York City. Our group consisted of 30 Canadians from the non-profit sector, government, law enforcement and academia. We toured six sites over a three-day period. Here’s my ‘top 10’ overview of the tour:

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Health and homelessness

I’m writing an open access textbook on homelessness, with a focus on high-income countries. Each chapter gets uploaded to my website as it is completed. The latest chapter, on health, is now available. A ‘top 10’ overview of the chapter can be found here: All information pertaining to the book can be found here:

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Why Does Poverty Continue to Exist in America?

A long and good NYT take on why poverty continues to exist, stays stagnant or continues to grow in one of the richest nations in the world and the most capable of all to end poverty. A good read. “Those who have amassed the most power and capital bear the most responsibility for America’s vast poverty. Political elites have utterly failed low-income Americans over the past half-century. Corporate bosses have spent and schemed to prioritize...

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Living poor and dying young

Gooz News is another substack I have taken to reading. Like “Letters from an American,” it too is well written. Except Gooz News concentrates on healthcare a topic which I have interest in talking about. Being poor results in being exposed to many factors all of which impact your life and that of your family. As Merrill Gooz points out, the nation is wealthy and could easily remove much of the impact of poverty on the health of those who can not...

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