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Most people hate themselves. Sorry, but true. 

The root of all success comes from liking yourself. The root of all failure comes from self hatred. 

Mike Norman considers the following as important:

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The root of all success comes from liking yourself. The root of all failure comes from self hatred. 
Mike Norman
Mike Norman is an economist and veteran trader whose career has spanned over 30 years on Wall Street. He is a former member and trader on the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and NYFE and he managed money for one of the largest hedge funds and ran a prop trading desk for Credit Suisse.


  1. Soak in that sun!

  2. Mike can you talk about the yield curve in your videos?

  3. @user-it1mc3nq7h


  4. @financeeconomics1057

    It all starts with the self.

    Know thyself.

    Be good to yourself.

  5. Careful what you smoking 🚬 😅

  6. Use sunscreen, Mike!

  7. @homeyoutubechannel6609

    1) you look great
    2) I LOVE learning. It is my most favorite thing to do.
    3) i do have to be way more disciplined to apply the learning though. And ur messaging about discipline is good !

  8. You look great at your age Mike. I hope I can look and be in as good health as you do when I get to your age. I take care of myself with exercise, and I am on keto and not far off my weight from college. I'm also disciplined and maybe too much so. I work too much and don't know how to really stop and relax. I like to learn and why I follow you. I still cannot get over the fact that the monetary system works different than I was taught, and most people believe. It's a relief knowing the truth. I always wondered how congress people could sleep putting the country in debt so bad. It is evil that the system tells people such a fabrication. Thanks for the insights and sharing the self-betterment.

  9. Also if you hate yourself, you hate others too.
    Much of ant-social behavior comes from:
    1) You are like me, I’m trash so you are garbage too.
    2) You are not like me, thus better and now I’m jealous and want you to fail.
    Without self worth, the world is a sad place.

  10. needed to hear this

  11. @punch_bowl_turd3005

    "most people hate themselves" ok. there may have been periods in my life where that may have been true but those are the points when 1 hits their lowest of points. never said this but i broke my neck when 16. previous to that i lived bein hated especially by the football team. i was a cig smokin, long hair, leather jacket& steel toe boot wearin' home brew BMXer wannabe. side note when was 6-7 yrs i was gettin trophies of 1st & 2nd in actual races and wanted to get back in when was 16.

    my HS years were awful cuz i was just hated. there came a point where decided i hate gym class and went to the teacher and asked can i go to the weight room? hes 'yup go ahead'. remember the football team hates me & call me names at the top of lungs in the halls. i'm now in the weight room with them NOw THEIR MOUTHS SHUT and even spottin me on the bench & i'd do the same. then it was back to the halls and same bs. even when i was butterflyin 45lb dumbels with no supplements nothin changed.

    im now still in a wheelchair almost 50. theres so much hate in the world now over things that dont matter that i'm compelled to give others reason to hate me like sayin voted trump in 20'. its like i drain em & feed off their hate. lol

    mike listening to these vids YOU CHANGED MY TRADING habits drastically starting in 2016. only thing i can criticise you for is you apologize for yourself & thoughts too much like in this vid. stand up & for your beliefs whatever they maybe, to Fk those who get hurt feelings. we're in this crazy world of "hurt feelings" IDK bout you but i dont have time in my life for someone elses' feelings, i'm not even 50 yet but i'm too old for that and like all my yrs previous nobody had time for my feelings. cheers and i cant thank you enough

  12. Well Well Well 🙈…Talk about sincronicity!…Ive been learning, striving and searching for answers for 54 years and tonight in Australia at 7pm something made me click on your video because i had nothing in mind to watch , and i feel like you were speaking to me personaly because i was ready to hear your words of wisdom. I agree with every word you said and it has given me focus on whats important going forward. thank you. kind regards. Jason

  13. ☯The War of Art, is a good book, which amounts to, for me: shut up and do your work. Do not wait for inspiration to motivate you. It's about creative work, from a writer. The critical concept in the book is defined as Resistance, which is obviously everything keeping you from just doing the work. Resistance comes from inside you. Some resistance is conscious, some unconscious. The title refers to Sun Tzu's, The Art of War

  14. Jimmy Savile has turned up in America.

  15. Mike, your life advice is appreciated and more valuable than your market advice. Your thoughts on motivation are spot on and very helpful. Thank you for doing this.

  16. You should hold a paid retreat in Florida. No joke.

  17. @carlosavila3573

    good one Mike

  18. Truth 🎯

  19. @davetesorero4817

    So so so true Mike!!!!!❤

  20. One of your best videos!! Thanks Mike 💯

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