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9-11 Remebrance

My tributes and memories of that terrible day.

Mike Norman considers the following as important:

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My tributes and memories of that terrible day.
Mike Norman
Mike Norman is an economist and veteran trader whose career has spanned over 30 years on Wall Street. He is a former member and trader on the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and NYFE and he managed money for one of the largest hedge funds and ran a prop trading desk for Credit Suisse.


  1. the worst thing was those that jumped escaping the fires, any one that says J6 was worse than 911 need their teeth kicked in.

  2. $RTX had a nice sell off over a $3 bill cost. a 2025 90 call order was filled today

  3. Get your lungs checked for asbestos

  4. A brother MEBA engineer died on plane that crashed in PA he and others bum rushed the fanatics.

  5. Forgave but never forgotten. 🙏🏻

  6. I was in New York on 911, I walked through blood and bone looking for my brother. He was in Northern Canada, back at his farm.

  7. Heart felt talk from a fellow New Yorker.

  8. ❤‍🩹👁

  9. Puts are twice as much as calls right now

  10. There are over 3,500 professional architects and engineers who have gone on public record to call for a reinvestigation of the unprecedented collapse of 3 steel-framed skyscrapers into piles of rubble that day on the grounds that very strong scientific evidence points to the use of explosives. As a scientist, I would submit that their evidence is at least as strong as the empirical evidence for MMT.

  11. Mike, can you explain the big gap in futures contract prices

  12. Most of the terrorists were Saudi and none of them were Afghan or Iraqi. Just sayin'.

  13. Good summary.

    The only thing positive, probably, was people being more eager to fight back when things like that happened (not the same of course, because 9/11 hopefully doesn't happen again, anywhere).

    I remember 2 Americans on a train from Belgium-France, i believe, saving people.

    And yes, it changed the world.
    I was at work, and i went home to watch, i had some leeway from my boss, back then.
    Because straight away, i felt like there was more to it than just an 'accident'.

    Take care.

  14. Thanks for sharing. Call me a conspiracy theorists, but I believe those "Bang, Bang Bangs," were explosives. Case in point, Building 7.

  15. That barking dog drives me nuts.

  16. Still, after 23 years. I'm just numb on this day.

  17. Loved this week's MMT Report Mike! Always look forward to your reports every week! You rock man!

  18. Yeah so sad 911 , a lot of good and innocent people caught up in that. Prayers for the surviving families and all thoes impacted. Always be ready for when Christ calls you home.

  19. I had two close friends I grew up in Hutton trading that later worked on 105 floor of North Tower working at Cantor Fitzgerald. Dead, murdered. They lost over 200 of their employees in that firm. . They , my friends were to settle the old Federal Reserve gold bonds with gold we negotiated with the IMF. This went on for years. To be settled on September 12th. I settled for a ton of gold, 32,000 ozs. We were owed trillions in interest. Did not happen. Tons of gold were stored in the huge WTC vaults was gone. My friend inspected it days before. Then the biggest gold heist occurred. I cry for my friends and others for others Murdered.. I use to go with customers to the Windows of the World all the time and stay at the Vista Hotel.
    Why was Building 7 collapse? If you knew what from multiple investigations of agencies there all that is destroyed. Curiously on September 10th the Secty of Defense Rumsfield had a press conference and stated we can't account for trillions in the Pentagon that are missing. The area of the Pentagon struck by a cruise missle was at Naval Command investigating this. Now when I go back to NYC, is visit the memorial and go back to the St. Regis.

  20. Nice one Mike, respect to your dad and those brave ones that gave their life on that horrendous day.

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