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Today was a great day in the market.

To practice self discipline.

Mike Norman considers the following as important:

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To practice self discipline.
Mike Norman
Mike Norman is an economist and veteran trader whose career has spanned over 30 years on Wall Street. He is a former member and trader on the CME, NYMEX, COMEX and NYFE and he managed money for one of the largest hedge funds and ran a prop trading desk for Credit Suisse.


  1. @frankperrott6048

    Mike why did you sell? Couldn’t you have borrowed against your portfolio?

  2. @emilechantiri5909

    Good advice Mike 👍

  3. Worst time to jump in is at peaks.

    • @billcarruth8122

      Not really. If history is any indication of the future then staying on the sideline is an even worse move than buying at all time highs.

    • @yabeenbamboozled5067

      @@billcarruth8122 Quite possibly the dumbest comment I have read yet here on YouTube

    • @billcarruth8122

      @@yabeenbamboozled5067 And yet every single all time high the market has made prior to this one has been outdone.

    • Have you read Jesse Livermore? Or William O’Neil? Silly wabbits

  4. The new all-time highs are surprising. I was hoping for a pullback. Hate buying in my 401k at ATH. Thanks for the updates, Mike.

    • How funny, following the “advice” of a guy who claims he knows all, but rents a tiny apartment. Follow the wealthy traders.

    • @mohamedmussa7627

      No need to make it personal and count another man’s pocket, you don’t know his financial situation.

  5. @eatlaughandstupid4430

    Trump's tax cuts are ending…

  6. 👍👍😊

  7. @bronzesolomon4453

    I'm not even sweating it Mike. If you say something will happen it likely will. Just like you said, PATIENCE

  8. @user-it1mc3nq7h


  9. @billcarruth8122

    Remember last years June tax drain: the market kept getting bid up till July when you were saying it was overbought, then down down down till late October. Late October 2024 might be the next sweet spot to enter positions.

  10. Market will stay strong until November election. Those in control will make sure of that.

  11. @cryptoniteclark

    Mike, I just don't understand why you spend (ie. waste, as you have here) so much time on people who give negative feedback, while completely ignoring genuine questions and help from those who've been following you for years. If you engaged with your community here, you would be able to cover new topics rather than repeating yourself, and your channel would really grow. For about two weeks I told you why the Atlanta Fed GDP forecast was high, but you continued to say you didn't know why it was. I've also asked you follow-up questions to what you've said in the past, but you never covered them. Even though you put out some of the best content on youtube, as a viewer, this is a frustrating aspect of your channel.

  12. mike doesn't get it, the institutions drive the market. they buy, price goes up. simple.

    • On the contrary, I understand them very well. They get is wrong. A lot. Check their positions. At market bottoms they have barely any long exposure. Why? Because they sold out. And vice-versa. Their track records are well documented. I go against them.

    • @CraigMills-jr8qf

      Good point. Long time IBD strategy here. It’s all supply/demand, follow uptrends.

  13. Mikey’s Ego Videos ALWAYS hilarious. Thank you.

    • @mohamedmussa7627

      You’re clowning Mikey hard, if you lost money following his advice take it as a life lesson, don’t make bets on people’s opinions on the market. He’s just giving his views on here, take for entertainment like you would a Cramer on CNBC.

  14. @CraigMills-jr8qf

    Reading the comments, confusing Mike. Last week predicting market correction imminent. Have to agree does appear to be a Glamour channel for your opinions. But also agree entertaining so thanks.

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