Friday , September 24 2021

Recovery Fund

Dibattito su Byoblu su Recovery Fund

Sergio Cesaratto considers the following as important: , , ,

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Sergio Cesaratto writes Ancora sul bicchiere mezzo piena della BCE (Il sussidiario)

Sergio Cesaratto writes Il bicchiere mezzo pieno della BCE

Sergio Cesaratto writes Intervista al Sussidiario

Sergio Cesaratto writes New Working Paper: Keynes’s finance, the monetary and demand-led circuits: a Sraffian assessment

 Dibattito su Byoblu su Recovery Fund

Sergio Cesaratto
Sergio Cesaratto (Rome, 1955) studied at Sapienza, where he graduated under the direction of Garegnani in 1981 and received his doctorate in 1988. He obtained a Master's degree in Manchester in 1986. He worked as a researcher at CNR where he was of Innovation Economics. In 1992 he became a researcher at La Sapienza, and then associate professor in Siena where he teaches Economic Policy and Development Economics.

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