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2024 Life and Death Game Theory Interlude: Voting is An Affirmative Action

If You Choose Not to Decide, You May be an American Restating the premise of my earlier post: Voting is an affirmative action. The more difficult voting is, the more turnout will be reduced. A voter in Oregon needs only to fill out and mail a ballot at any point over a period of time before an election. By contrast, some states allow voting only during certain hours on Election Day. Others may add a set of proscribed days and times before then,...

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Scenes from the jobs report 2: unemployment rate and consumption: weak, but not recessionary

Scenes from the jobs report 2: the unemployment rate and consumption: weak, but not recessionary  – by New Deal democrat Yesterday I looked at some employment metrics from Friday’s jobs report. Today let’s look at un- (and under-) employment. Every Thursday I repeat the mantra that jobless claims lead the unemployment rate. Here are both the U3 (blue) and U6 (red) rates from Friday’s report, compared YoY: The unemployment rate is...

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Warning to Democrats: you stab Biden in the back?

Warning by Ten Bears from Homeless on the High Desert. I can understand Ten Bears anger with other Democrats who appear to be wavering over Biden. What happened in 2016 was Democrats not coming together in support of Clinton. Bloomberg “If you fear that Biden may not be up to the task of safeguarding democracy next November, you need do only one thing to supplant him as the Democratic nominee: then Run.” Ten Bears like myself has no problem...

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