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Renewables 2023, Analysis and forecast to 2028

Renewables 2023, Analysis and forecast to 2028. IEA, Paris Executive Summary I did this before with the IEA. Sent the IEA a few emails establishing what Angry Bear could and could not use. Attributing the analysis I have posted here was one of the requirements. With their permission, I can bring to Angry Bear much of what is going on in the globally in the area of energy. They asked that I do not report on oil as companies pay for the reports....

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Electricity Statistics by Month and Overall – United States

AB: IEA will not allow me to change any wording. Anything in italics or leads with an AB in front is my wording. I believe the following (charts and brief summation) to be a good explanation of where the US stands at far as changes in energy and usage. A little background concerning our home. We live in a mostly electricity using house in terms of energy usage. Our fans are driven by DC (inverters) electricity. We have a heat pump to supply heat...

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Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions

AB: This particular article had warnings about use, changing any of the content, and proper recognition. Fair use is an issue as if giving credit to the authors and proper authorities. Liking this piece which explores the makeup of the batteries, etc. which energize the EVs being touted today. It explores the detail of what elements and compounds will go into the new energy efficient, less polluting vehicles. There is only so much easily available...

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