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Generic drugs reimbursement is an issue identified by the Senate Finance Committee

AB: This brief article gets right down to the basics in where costs are added and impacting the prices to the consumer. It is simple and straight to the point of how PBMs impact the prices to the consumer. Very little or nothing was contributed by myself to this article by the authors Inmaculada Hernandez; Nico Gabriel; Anna Kaltenboeck. The table and figure are products of JAMA. Why is it on Angry Bear? Because of its simplistic approach to...

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PBMs diverting copay cash meant for the needy

Patients already paying price for PBMs diverting copay cash meant for needy, WSYX, Part 3, Darrel Rowland Part 3 of a 3-part investigation adding the detail of what is occurring with the PBMs. In a nut shell, Patients are told that they can avoid huge out-of-pocket spending for their drug and obtain their prescription for free. Yet what may not be clear to patients is that their deductible, coinsurance, and other out-of-pocket obligations are...

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$Billions meant to help patients afford drugs are being diverted

This is the second part of the ABC 6 On Your Side web series on hidden reasons for high drug costs, we’ll show you why you may never see that aid. If you had time, you may have read Part One. It covered how Ohio HB 135 lingered till it died by not taking the bill up in the Senate Health Committee. A bill designed to cut drug prices for many Ohioans HB 135 won unanimous approval in the House last year. The  bipartisan passed measure with 60...

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FTC and Congress Put PBMs on Notice

FTC and Congress Put PBMs on Notice – AAF ( The conclusion of the Congressional Plan Much of this post in a copy and past. However, the conclusion is mostly mine. I am starting out with the conclusions and actions of Congress to which the author claims could result in fewer PBMs and increasing prices. If you look at Figure Two, it becomes rather obvious where the fallout is going to be. The smaller PBMs will not be...

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SCOTUS: States Can Regulate Insurance Plan Contractors

While briefly discussing (accessible link below for addition information) this decision, keep in mind this is a big deal in lowering the costs of pharmaceuticals as it goes right to the source of some of the excess takings involved in the distribution of drugs from manufacturer to drug stores. December 10, 2020: the Supreme Court handed a win to states and broadened the path for state health care cost control efforts. In Rutledge v. Pharmaceutical...

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