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Higher Covid Death Rates in Trump States

I was reading the usual MedPage Today articles. One commenter discusses the State of Florida under Governor DeSantis having a high Covid Death Rate. Fourteen of 15 states favored Trump in the election and have the highest Covid Death Rates. The article: “Florida’s Surgeon General Sends a Dangerous Message” | MedPage Today, Thresia B. Gambon, MD, MBA, MPH March 15, 2022. More on that MedPage Today article later. I will pursue an area which...

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Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar, Carlos Menem, Yanis Varoufakis & Richard Durbin and 300 other lawmakers call for a cancellation of developing world’s’ debt – Washington Post

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.) in a Wednesday letter addressed to Georgieva and David Malpass, president of the World Bank, called on international financial organizations to consider “extensive debt forgiveness” for more than 70 of the world’s poorest countries. The letter, which also called for significant fiscal stimulus to help stabilize the global economy, was signed by more...

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Robert Parry — Russia-gate Jumps the Shark

A key distinction between propaganda and journalism is that manipulative propaganda relies on exaggeration and deceit while honest journalism provides context and perspective. But what happens when the major news outlets of the world’s superpower become simply conveyor belts for warmongering propaganda?That is a question that the American people now face as The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN and virtually the entire mainstream media hype ridiculously minor allegations about...

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Dean Baker — Supporters of Trade Deals, LIke George Will and the Washington Post, Think They Have to Lie to Make Their Case

George Will is a columnist rather than an economist. One might think that this is a mistake instead of a lie. But Will is a professional and the Washington Post is a premiere medium where professionalism is presumed. If this was not a deliberate lie spreading fake news as propaganda, either Will was misinformed and did not realize it, or the Washington Post failed to in performing due diligence in fact-checking. Another fail.Beat the PressSupporters of Trade Deals, LIke George Will and the...

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