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What If Democrats Fail to Enhance the ACA?

[unable to retrieve full-text content]Hey, this is a copy and paste article by Andrew Sprung at Xpostfactoid. He does a nice job of explaining the technical aspects of expanding the ACA and making it more liberal in providing greater Commercial Healthcare Insurance benefits to more US citizens. He also discusses what could happen if we make Biden’s healthcare extensions […] The post What If Democrats Fail to Enhance the ACA? appeared first on Angry Bear.

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Agenda of Biden’s Build Back Better Bill

The same as the American Rescue Plan Act and the Improving Medicare Coverage Act, no one is talking of the detail within the Build Back Better Agenda bill. This makes it very vulnerable to pseudo Senators like Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin who are holding out for what ever reasons or just for spite. It is also good for Angry Bear to know its content too. If there are questions, ask away. I will try to answer with what I know. Build Back Better...

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Biden forfeits his Afghan victory by defending his Deep State advisors

President Biden put a popular flag-waving wrapping for America’s forced withdrawal from Afghanistan in his 4 PM speech on Monday. It was as if all this was following Biden’s own intentions, not a demonstration of the totally incompetent assurances by the CIA and State Department as recently as last Friday that the Taliban was over a month away from being able to enter Kabul. Instead of saying that the massive public support for the Taliban replacing the United States showed...

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Fraud or No Fraud, Restraining the Vote is the Purpose

Much of Michigan is touting Republican State Senator Ed McBroom who led an investigation into Michigan’s supposed voting fraud. He found none and openly admitted there was none in his report. Senator and dairy farmer Ed McBroom also called for the prosecution of those who capitalized on the supposed voting fraud by starting defense funds and collecting donations. He also called upon the Democrat Michigan AG to investigate those who were promoting...

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The election is here and this is my market outlook.

 Yesterday in my MMT Trader report I said that the October market correction was over and we'd see an election rally and a sizable surge in bullish sentiment.Separately, fiscal support remains too strong to be bearish on the economy and stock market right now, but there's more to it.Starting from the market bottom in late March through the rise to new highs in the averages, sentiment remained bearish. I couldn't fathom why. However, in the last few weeks as Biden surged in the polls and talk...

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