Thursday , February 20 2020
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A Stock Market Boom is Not the Basis of Shared Prosperity

By Thomas PalleyThe US is currently enjoying another stock market boom which, if history is any guide, also stands to end in a bust. In the meantime, the boom is having a politically toxic effect by lending support to Donald Trump and obscuring the case for reversing the neoliberal economic paradigm.For four decades the US economy has been trapped in a “Groundhog Day” cycle in which policy engineered new stock market booms cover the tracks of previous busts. But though each new boom...

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Scott Minerd again. Calls stock market “Titanic heading for an iceberg.” You gotta buy.

Guggeheim Partners' Scott Minerd says the stock market is like "the Titanic heading for an iceberg."Look... “Just as an iceberg loomed in the distant darkness to be struck by the Titanic under full steam, so the US economy approaches the distant fiscal drag of 2020 under the full steam of rate increases to contain inflation and an overheating labor market...” He's got a flowery way with words.Fiscal drag? What fiscal drag is he talking about? The government is operating with record...

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Never mind Greece, look at China

While all eyes are focused on Greece, there is a potentially far more important crash going on.Via Sober Look comes this pair of charts:China's stock market is crashing. It's very evidently a bubble bursting. The question is, what will be the knock-on effect to the Chinese economy, and indeed to the whole of South East Asia, Brutal sell-offs of this kind are rarely without economic cost, especially when the bubble is debt financed (as this one is). I can't see this ending well.Related...

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