Tuesday , August 9 2022
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New manufacturers orders, vehicle sales, unemployment claims, rents, oil prices

This component is going nowhere: Still trying to catch up from the oil capex collapse of 2016 and covid collapse: Not good: This is an all time low as people scramble to get extra jobs to deal with higher prices,like paying rent, for example: Oil prices taking a breather with the announcements of releases from strategic petroleum reserves. Price direction, however, is instead set by Saudi OSP premiums to benchmarks which were just raised for the 3rd month and this time to...

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Employment, oil

Still slowly working its way back to the pre covid trend: New rigs continue to come online, but it won’t interfere with Saudi/Russian price setting until sufficient production comes online to reduce Saudi sales. And right now sales are going up, indicating that demand for oil at the Saudi’s prices is increasing, as the Saudis set price and let their refiners buy all they want at their posted prices: As previously discussed, Saudi OSP’s (official selling price spreads vs...

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