Friday , March 5 2021
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Consumer sentiment, unemployment claims, housing starts, lumber, retail sales, industrial production

Alarmingly high this long after the crisis and no longer moving lower: Seems ‘on average’ it’s hard to say much has changed: Though this looks promising: Tariffs and Covid related supply issues are commonplace: Nice move up after the move down, but still looking net lower than otherwise for the last 12 months due to the crisis: Back towards prior levels but still way down overall for the last year:

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Personal income and spending

Personal income went up with the crisis due to Federal transfers of the Cares Act, which subsequently faded: Personal income excluding government support continues to lag behind prior levels: Even with the higher levels of total personal income consumption has lagged and most recently decreased as government benefits expired: A part of consumption comes from buying on credit, and with employment down, fewer people qualify for credit. So while the additional income reduces...

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