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Why targeting productivity is a bad idea

Last week I attended a workshop entitled "Enhancing the Bank of England Toolkit," hosted by the Progressive Economy Forum. Presented at the workshop, and underpinning most of the debate, was this report from GFC Economics and Clearpoint Advisers, which was written for the Labour Party and first issued last June. The report was widely criticised at the time, as one of its authors ruefully observed in the introduction to the presentation. Nonetheless, the authors presented it unamended.The...

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Why labour markets don’t clear

This post originally appeared on Pieria in July 2014. Roger Farmer has a blogpost in which he shows that labour markets don’t clear. Specifically, employment varies with the business cycle, whereas the labour force participation rate and hours worked only show long-term secular trends. During cyclical downturns, therefore, we must conclude that there is more labour available than there are jobs. New Keynesians say that the reason for this is sticky wages. If only nominal wages could fall...

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Richard Murphy—A challenge to Simon Wren-Lewis on modern monetary theory and Labour’s fiscal credibility rule

Richard Murphy challenges Simon Wren-Lewis to put up or shut up. So my question is, I suppose, inevitable. What I would like Simon to do is show how he and Jonathan Portes have written, as he claims, a rule that delivers a real-world political economic solution (because that is what Labour's rule is, because it is not an academic paper) that is the same as modern monetary theory. And I want him to show this even though: i) The rule he has written works subject to financial constraints, and...

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More on productivity

The ONS's latest flash productivity estimate is rather good. Productivity in Quarter 3 2017 was up by 0.9% on the previous quarter. Here's what ONS has to say about it: Output per hour growth in Quarter 3 2017 was the result of a 0.4% increase in gross value added (GVA) (using the preliminary gross domestic product (GDP) estimate) accompanied by a 0.5% fall in total hours worked (using the latest Labour Force Survey data). This fall in total hours was driven primarily by a 0.5% fall in...

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The Class War is Back

In a manner of speaking. See this splendid piece here by Paul Embery:Paul Embery, “The Demonisation of the Working-Class Shames Our Nation,” HuffPost Politics, 1 July, 2016.Except the new class war is being waged against the working class by an arrogant, metropolitan, snobbish, middle-class leftist elite that rules the left at the moment, with hordes of young university-educated leftists in tow. The elite is, to a great extent, influenced by economic neoliberalism (think: New Labour).The...

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